Has Technology Become Addictive?

I just read two stories this week, A Cyber-Cuscuta Manifesto, written by Regina Kanyu Wang, and The Veldt, written by Ray Bradbury. Two of the stories are talking about technology and both of them mark interesting points to me.

Today, technology is everywhere. It is made by human, we use them to make our lives easier. We’re comfortable with the technology we have that I question what if the technology is not there for us anymore?

“We’ve grown into such intimacy with your internet that you can’t get rid of us. Bonded with your voice assistants, your social media, your translation services, your game platforms, we are ubiquitous.” — A Cyber Cuscuta Manifesto by Regina Kanyu Wang

As smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets become progressively more embedded in our daily lives, the percent of internet addiction of the population become increasing.

Internet addiction has been a hot topic nowadays, especially in our home. Many parents are saying that the kids spend too much time the internet, although they’re the one that gave them those devices.

I notice that nowadays many little kids have their own smartphone, iPad, or other devices. As their parents are busy with their work, they’re likely to end up with giving their kids iPad so that they can play it quietly and not bothering them. I never agree with that action, every kids need their parents attention, they need to take care and know what their kids are doing, not just give them the iPad. They’re too young and they might not know what is right or wrong. When it is too late that the kids are addicted to the internet, the parents cannot blame anyone but themselves.

“You’ve let this room and this house replace you and your wife in your children’s affections. This room is their mother and father, far more important in their lives than their real parents.” — David McClean

Some group of people blame technology for destroying the connection between people in a real world. Everyone look down on their phone while they’re together at the same room. Cyberspace has become an another world that we created.

“What were your fears? Knowing your digital world was being penetrated by us? Realizing that we were imitating you?” — Regina Kanyu Wang, A Cyber-Cuscuta Manifesto

We don’t know what will happen in the future, but of course the internet will take a big role in our society. It will spread all around places in the world. Human are the one that create it but we are fear of it at the same time. There are healthy and unhealthy internet use. I don’t think that it is right to blame the internet for making addiction to the human. Not all users who surf the web will become addicted to the internet and, excessive use of the internet is not always associated with addiction. The internet provides us tools, information, and entertainments through smart phone, tablets, computers, and other hand-held devices. We cannot tell how much is to be say “too much usage of internet”, because it is different for everyone. Some people rely on the internet for work, so they always need the internet. While some people’s work are offline but they’re online doing something else. It is depend on how you choose to use the internet, make a good use or make it ruin your life.